Save your marriage.

Have fun while you do it.

And get most of your money back when you do it.

1. Get on the same page about everything: Money, sex, parenting etc.

2. Learn a proven communication process that creates greater emotional closeness.

3. Create more trust, passion and excitement.

3. Resolve issues for good.


       Imagine having your own marriage coach that knows you and walks you step by step through the process and then gives most of your money back just because you follow the program? It's unheard of! But that's what I'm doing.

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Quick Overview

  1. The 12 Lesson Custom Marriage Makeover
  2. Live Monthly Coaching via Zoom meetings. 
  3. Daily (every other day) strategically designed texts and emails to keep marriage top of mind.
  4. Podcast, webinar, and video library.
  5. $110.00 month subscription.
  6. You get $100.00 back when you complete the Money Back Marriage Activities and complete "The Love Report."

 ​Day 1 - Attitude and Trajectory: Align to the new custom-built-marriage paradigm. A whole new world opens up!! 

 ​Day 2 - Goals: Strategy and exercise and principles or creating marriage goals that bring you closer together.

 ​Day 3 - Roles and Expectations - Spouse 2.0: The custom marriage starts with a custom spouse - YOU!

 ​Day 4 - Assuming Good Intent: The power of connecting is in getting in the heart and head of the other person. 

 ​Day 5 - Killing Criticisms: Differences of opinion and preference will happen. Dealing with those differences make or break you.

 ​Day 6 - Fencing Conflict: Mastering the dialog when differences and opinions are shared in a way that creates closeness.

 ​Day 7 - Rest and catch up day!! You're welcome!

  Day 8 - Defining and Accepting Reality: Paradoxically creating change when you finally accept reality. 

 ​Day 9 - Communicating with the Desired Outcome In Mind: Brining up issues and maximizing the outcome of change.

 ​Day 10 - Disarming Landmines: No more hashing and re-hashing. Resolving issues for good. 

 ​Day 11 - Sexual Intimacy - For Women: No matter how you slice it, Sex is going to be an issue in marriage. Make the most of it.

 ​Day 12 - Sexual Intimacy - For Men: Men need a different perspective to help them create more closeness and passion in the relationship than they think. This is specially designed for men.

 ​Day 13 - Rest Catch up day!!!: (You will be grateful!)

 ​Day 14 - Marriage Rocket Rails: How to keep your marriage on track. I will show you a special program to make it super easy to maintain the momentum and changes you've made so you don't slide back from all the progress you made. 

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